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Soldier Buys His Childhood Home Back for his Parents after they lose the home to Foreclosure

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Video - VA FAQ 3 of 3

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Lori & G-II are VA Loan Specialists
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VA Loan FAQs
Lori & G-II are VA Loan Specialists
First Time or Multi-Use VA Home Buyers

Veterans Affairs Thank You Letter 
Lori & G-II are VA Loan Specialists
First Time or Multi-Use VA Home Buyers

Go to Kunsan AFB, Korea
Kunsan AB, Korea (RKJK)
Rwy 18/36
35° 54' 13.601N 126° 36' 57.499E
Elev: 29 ft.
35th FS, 80th FS
Osan AFB, Korea
Osan AB, Korea (RKSO)
Rwy 09/27
37° 5' 26.099N 127° 1' 46.999E
Elev: 38 ft.
36th FS
Misawa AFB, Japan
Misawa AB, Japan (RJSM)
Rwy 10/28
40° 42' 11.999N 141° 22' 5.999E
Elev: 119 ft.
13th FS, 14th FS
Aviano AFB, Italy
Aviano AB, Italy (LIPA)
Rwy 05/23
46° 1' 51.899N 12° 35' 47.260E
Elev: 413 ft.
510th FS, 555th FS
Spangdahlem AFB, Germany
Spangdahlem AB, Germany (ETAD)
Rwy 05/23
49° 58' 35.602N 6° 41' 54.899E
Elev: 1196 ft.
22nd FS, 23rd FS
Langley AFB, USA
Langley AFB (KLFI)
Rwy 08/26
37° 4' 38.372N 76° 21' 37.969W
Elev: 11 ft.
178th FS Det.1
Vermont Air National Guard, USA South Dakota Air National Guard, USA Andrews AFB, USA
Hill AFB, USA Mountain Home AFB, USA Buckley AFB, USA
March AFB, USA Texas Air National Guard, USA Luke AFB, USA
Eielson AFB, USA Davis-Monthan, USA (Cause their close) Edwards AFB, USA
Tyndall AFB, USA Fort Wayne IAP, USA Selfridge ANGB, USA
Minnesota Air National Guard, USA Nellis AFB, USA Atlantic City IAP, USA
Kirtland AFB, USA Cannon AFB, USA Lackland Texas, USA
North Dakota Air National Guard, USA Ohio Air National Guard, USA Shaw AFB, USA
  SC Air National Guard, USA  

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